What’s Brewing in Space?

If you didn’t catch the launch yesterday or read this morning’s news, there’s buzz around British astronaut, Maj. Tim Peake. Seems the major is going to be trying out a new tea-making process in an attempt to brew the first decent cup of tea in space. For the last year, astronauts got their caffeine fix via the ISSpresso, a…

Give Tiesta a Try!

Any tea that is sold in bulk bins at Safeway or online from Walmart has me skeptical from the start … but two facts motivated me to at least give Tiesta Tea a try. 1: The creators are from Chicago. 2: They came up with the idea while visiting a Czech tea house in Prague….

Meinl Tee … A Taste of Vienna

Ten years ago this fall I realized a dream come true with a trip to Vienna and a concert at the Golden Hall. So every year at this time I get out my travel journal, put on my CD and relive the magic. And, of course, an exquisite pot of tea is part of my ritual.