Jasmine – An Enduring Love

When writing love notes in my journal, there’s one item that appears over and over again. Jasmine tea (make that fine grade Jasmine Pearls). There is nothing else on earth that can soothe, intoxicate and delight the senses quite like these pearls. The fragrance, the color, the taste. To inhale and to sip is divine….

Rishi Reviews

Being a tea lover and having a fondness for products from Chicago or Milwaukee, Rishi was a natural for me to explore. And that’s what I’ve been doing over the past 18 mos. I love that everything is organic AND you can order sample bags for most of their teas. It’s a great way to…

Tea vs Vicodin … and the winner is

Every once in awhile, an article resonates with me in such a wonerful way that I just can’t resist sharing it. In the case of this recent piece from the NYT, the wonderful artwork by Rosalie Stroesser was an added bonus. Enjoy both with a cup of fennel tea!

Tea Crush

Happy National Hot Tea Month! This seemed the perfect time to confess – I have a new tea crush. Nothing will ever replace my love of an exquisite jasmine brew, but this blend from Steve Smith comes surprisingly close to being on par.  Preserve is a masterful mix of Spring harvested green from China, lemon…