Meet the Tea Buds

We all really dig tea. Our mutual admiration for the delights of the camelia sinensis has led us to frequent outings with the mission of sampling teas all over town. And there is plenty of ground to cover. This site will keep you posted on our explorations around the Northwest (and beyond) and help spread the word about cafe spots and teas worth trying.

We’ll joyfully share our views and rank our favorites … with a focus on good energy and good deals. Finding good tea is always reason to celebrate. Enjoy and happy sipping!

IMG_20171203_150545JANE GREEN – Head Bud

Back in the early 90’s I started a tea business called Creative PossibiliTEAS which included catering tea celebrations and BeLeaf Tea, my private label. Thousands of cups later, I retreated back to the sidelines and enjoyed once again the freedom of being an undercover explorer on the lookout for new tea venues. I’ve been in love with tea ever since I watched my Dad making his nightly Lipton some 50 years ago. It’s been a long, tasty journey. Formal high tea at Harrods overlooking the London rooftops, tea and tropical  breezes at the Banyan Tree on Waikiki, afternoon tea at a cozy cavern hidden in the cobblestone streets of Prague … all fond memories.

And that brings us to today and this journal. The only thing better than finding new places is sharing the discoveries with others.  If you’re not a tea lover yet,  hopefully this will wet your appetite. Or at least inspire you to get out and find your own treasures. If you’d like to be a “guest bud” and share your discoveries, let me know. Oh, and feel free to visit my websites: A Clear Place,  A Festive Heart and Jane Green Photos to see what I do when I’m not sipping tea…or even when I am!

Guest Buds




Former Earl Grey addict, Holly now prefers green libations and anything with coconut.  You’ll find her sipping at Thai restaurants and any place new and cool!

Diane Schachter


Diane is a big time brazen bean fan and won’t give up her coffee but she is always happy to try whatever I brew up. She has a growing appreciation for rich Puerh and loves a good Chai!


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