Tea in Europe – Utrecht

IMG_20191104_041359.jpg30 minutes via train from Amsterdam, Utrecht feels a world away from all the hustle and bustle. Our one day/one night visit allowed for just a peek at its medieval magic but it became our favorite destination for charm, food and value. Green tea was offered at every cafe and restaurant in various loose leaf forms – all good. Throughout the trip, I enjoyed the effort evident in each presentation and the complimentary biscuit or sweet. If you are ever lucky enough to be in Utrecht (post pandemic) be sure to check out The Street Food Club. Fabulous decor, service and menu. Their ‘High Par-Tea’ looks like great fun. I had just enough time to do a quick visit to the Simon Levelt retail store. Blending tea for some 200 years, they have 40 stores throughout NL including one in the heart of Utrecht. Mindful of my limited carry-on space; I selected two sample sized packets to take home for brewing. I was very happy with both choices. Heerlijke Herfst (Wonderful Autumn) is a delicious black blend featuring juniper berries and pink peppers. Just the right hint of spice. Next I picked Yen Bai Groen (Yen Bai Green) which is a mild leaf from Vietnam. Light and mellow – just the way I like my greens to taste. Thanks for the memories, Utrecht! Next Up: Bruges. Read: Tea in Europe – Amsterdam

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