Jasmine – An Enduring Love

IMG_20170514_085208.jpgWhen writing love notes in my journal, there’s one item that appears over and over again. Jasmine tea (make that fine grade Jasmine Pearls). There is nothing else on earth that can soothe, intoxicate and delight the senses quite like these pearls. The fragrance, the color, the taste. To inhale and to sip is divine. Nothing pleases my delicate palate more. From my first serving of Jasmine at the Banyan Tree Veranda in Oahu almost 30 years ago, to my ritual Sunday morning steeping here in Portland, this delicate brew continues to be the tea love of my life. NOTES: As with all tea, be sure to know your source. Avoid teas that have been stored in plastic, near light or heat. Make sure there are no added ingredients including any ‘natural’ flavors. Be sure to steep no more than 3 minutes at 170. Pearls can give good results for up to 3 brews. Best served on its own or with light bites. And a generous dose of gratitude. 

Jasmine Pearl recommendations: The Tao of Tea remains a local, tried and true pearl source and at an affordable price. Rishi Tea is an excellent on line source for pearl lovers. And it’s EU certified. (I’m also a big fan of their organic Moonlight Jasmine loose leaf.)

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