Rishi Reviews

imagesBeing a tea lover and having a fondness for products from Chicago or Milwaukee, Rishi was a natural for me to explore. And that’s what I’ve been doing over the past 18 mos. I love that everything is organic AND you can order sample bags for most of their teas. It’s a great way to try blends without breaking the bank. Just in time for their free shipping and 20% off deal (thru 11/26), here are a few notes from my rate sheet:

Jade Oolong /10. Fabulous aroma and flavor. Light, fresh, fragrant; Bao Zhong /10. Delightful buttery brew! Light in color and taste. Moonlight Jasmine /9. This was a wonderful surprise. It took a number of tries to get it to exotic results but I’m glad I didn’t give up. Hint: Use more leaves and brew 3 min at 175 degrees. Turmeric Chai /7. A nice chai choice. Heavy on ginger and pepper but with a touch of sweet relief. I would have enjoyed more presence of the lychee listed on the ingredients. Maghreb Mint /4. I would rename this Spicy Melange. No taste of the green tea and very little mint. Ginger comes across the strongest so if you are a spice fan, this one’s for you.

Rishi does a good job in providing variety and quality. Their customer service is friendly and professional. You can also find their packaged teas at various marketplaces. Definitely worth a try. As always, happy sipping!



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