Demmers Teehaus and Beyond

IMG_20171006_090528.jpgTime once again for a nostalgic nod to Vienna. Hard to believe it’s been 15 years this month since tea bud, Diane, and I visited the golden city of Prague and its elegant counterpart, Vienna. This year, I toast the memories using newly acquired Julius Meinl cups filled with a brew of Monk’s Tea from Demmers Teehaus. Reminiscent of Dammann’s Opera, (although not nearly as wonderful) the mellow black blend has hints of orange and vanilla. Demmers has only been on the Vienna scene since the 80’s so it’s a baby compared to most European tea purveyors. Their on line operation, however, has helped it expand and Demmers now has locations in Austria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Rumania and most recently, Japan. Worth exploring … their black Vanilla Bourbon or Sacher Blend – served at the namesake hotel in Vienna.  Here’s a sip to future travel and tea adventures near and far!

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