Vienna Revisted

PhotoGrid_1506807386263.jpgI’ve written several times about my fond memories of tea in Vienna with subsequent tributes to the cafes and teas I discovered there. Who knew I’d be able to revisit the experience in WA? Enter the Vienna Coffee Company in Lynnwood, WA. What, might you ask, does coffee have to do with tea? In this case, everything. It’s very much the manner in which it is served. And this traditional kaffeehaus is serious about doing it right. From the moment you enter this unassuming shop nestled in a modern complex, you are transported to another era. Mozart playing. Lights subdued. Old world art on the walls. European pastries in the case. And no nonsense. Choose from the menu (no substitutions) and take a seat. Your order is presented Viennese style on its own tray with all the trimmings. Coffee creations come with Châtillon Soude, a light lavender spritzer to cleanse the palate post coffee. My travel and tea bud and coffee hound, Diane, vouched that the coffee was indeed delicious. No surprise as it was a Julius Meinl roast. Meinl is Vienna’s leading coffee producer and has been in operation for over 150 years. We shared a slice of hazelnut cake (served with the requisite pile of whipped cream) and I opted to enjoy Basilur’s White Moon, a truly acceptable bag version of milk oolong green tea. I took home a nostalgic tin of  Demmers Vienna blend (also known as Monk’s Tea) as well as two Julius Meinl cups & saucers (watch for pics of those along with a review of the tea next week). The entire visit was such a treat. All done? No bussing here. Staff clears the table with a smile. Quite the welcomed oasis from the hubbub  of I-5 and Seattle traffic. Happy to have made this discovery and look forward to returning whenever I’m in the Seattle area. View my former posts on Vienna.




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