Tea in BC 2017

IMG_20170413_013455It had been almost four years since I last sipped my way through Victoria, BC and I was eager to return. My visit there seven weeks ago didn’t disappoint. Murchie’s, of course, was my first stop. Offering one of the best examples of a modern tea salon steeped in history, an exquisite pastry and pot of Jasmine Pure never fails to please. I have some concerns that the quality of both service and product will suffer as they continue with their new focus on coffee and growth (there are now nine stores). For now, however, things are still smooth and definitely worth a stop (or three). IMG_20170605_123957Continuing up Government St. to Chinatown, I was curious to see how Venus Sophia was doing.  My daughter and I discovered this gem in 2013 during its second year of operation when they were still defining their niche. Glad to report they have fully arrived. The place was buzzing with happy customers. It’s a cozy, charming cafe definitely geared toward the traditional high tea experience vs the grab ‘n go. The owner’s hands-on attention to detail is evident in everything from the menu pairings to the delightful decor. I recommend Monk’s Blend, a mellow black tea that I’m always happy to see on a menu; or try the green Cherry Blossom. Both organic and available by the pot or to take home. Victoria – I’ll be back! Read earlier posts on Murchie’s and Venus Sophia.

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