What’s Brewing in Space?

astronautsipsIf you didn’t catch the launch yesterday or read this morning’s news, there’s buzz around British astronaut, Maj. Tim Peake. Seems the major is going to be trying out a new tea-making process in an attempt to brew the first decent cup of tea in space. For the last year, astronauts got their caffeine fix via the ISSpresso, a compact machine developed for the International Space Station by Argotec, an Italian engineering company. The automatic pouch dispenser allows for a choice of tea, coffee or broth. There’s been no way to remove the tea bag from the pouch of hot water, however, so the brew becomes “stewed” to quote Maj. Peake. I was curious, of course, as to what brand of tea is being used and decided to do some sleuthing. Alas, it remains a mystery – all the media is focused on coffee with no mention of the tea. No doubt this is due to the fact that the coffee is from the 120 yr. old Lavazza “Italian passion in every cup” company. (Makes sense as the ISSpresso is made in Italy.) After a call to the Lavazza Café in Chicago’s historic Drake Hotel, I WAS able to find out that Lavazza serves Mighty Leaf.  So, there’s a chance that someone on the ISS will be sipping Green Tea Tropical. Make that Earl Grey for the major.  I remember the days when Tang was the only option!

Photo courtesy of NASA/IP

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