Special Deal from Jasmine Pearl

One of my favorite tea merchants is marking 8 years of fine tea. To celebrate, Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants is offering special savings during the month of November. Buy 2 oz of any tea and get 10% off. Buy 4 oz and get 20% off. If you’re lucky enough to live in the PDX area, run don’t walk to their store/tasting room on NE 22nd. You can sample ANY tea(s) of your choice and browse a great display of merchandise including locally produced items. The friendly staff is brew happy and tea savvy. I sampled one of their newest offerings – a blend of white peony, vanilla and peach called Haiku. Large leaf, smooth and subtle with no artificial aftertaste prevalent in so many flavored teas. Tip: I’m always tempted to ice my teas for afternoon sipping but this one is best served warm. If you can’t make it in person, the November discount is offered at their online store as well. Congrats, Jasmine Pearl, and keep up the happy sipping!

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