Teavana Sells, Starbucks Loses

Starbucks announced yesterday that they will pay $620 million in CASH to buy Teavana which sells “high-end” loose leaf tea. There are two things seriously wrong with that statement. The first is that anyone in today’s economy can put that much cash into accumulating more; and the second is they described Teavana’s product as high-end. I usually don’t dwell on negatives but the fact is that most of the teas from Teavana are low grade, artificially flavored and sweetened blends that leave a bad taste in your mouth and wallet. Their teas and accessories are overpriced imports that take advantage of unsuspecting consumers caught up in the tea wave. No news yet as to how Starbucks will incorporate this low rung choice into their Tazo products. I for one will not be rushing up to the counter anytime soon.

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