Triple Leaf Tea for What Ails You

It’s that time of year again .. flu and cold bugs. I am dealing with a nasty bout of whateveritis for the first time in years. A huge fan of Chinese medicine, Triple Leaf Tea is a brand that I count on for traditional blends and wisdom. If you don’t want to make your tea from scratch, this is a good bagged choice. They have ten offerings in the medicinal category alone plus many more in green, white and diet choices. Their Cold & Flu Time tea is one of the more pleasant herbal blends out there. Made with 14 different herbs, it is a mellow taste with just a touch of sweetness – thanks to the Honeysuckle flower. Steep for 15 minutes using boiling water and drink two cups for best results. Or brew a pot and sip throughout the day. I like to inhale the steam while it’s brewing to soothe nasal passages. Triple Leaf also has a user friendly website with lots of helpful info. You can find their tea at most retailers or order from their online store. Free shipping with $20 purchase. Healthy sipping!

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