Allegro Hits the Spot

I’ve got a new favorite bagged tea. Allegro’s Queen Bee Balance from their organic herbal wellness line. As inexpensive bagged teas go, this one delivers surprisingly good flavor. I love the blend of rose petals and vanilla plus the hint of cranberry. Herbal additions of dandelion, alfalfa, chaste tree berry and spearmint are very subtle vs. bitter or overpowering. Nice job, Allegro.  Delicious warm or iced, I brew a pitcher in the morning and enjoy throughout the day. Perfect for any time of the month or year. Looking for a calming tea before bedtime? I’m loving Allegro’s Peaceful Slumber. It blends the traditional chamomile and lavender with elder flower, yarrow and a touch of vanilla. Yum. You can find Allegro teas at Whole Foods. Order a cup from the deli counter if you want to taste before buying. COMING SOON: Order tea directly from Allegro at their website.

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