Fun Way to Color Eggs

Looking for a fresh and fun way to color your Easter eggs? Try using tea. I selected a half dozen types of bagged tea that I thought would make for interesting colors. Raspberry, chamomile, green, peppermint, etc., and put each bag into a mug. I filled each mug with enough boiling water to cover an egg and let brew about an hour until the water was room temp. Then I put a hard boiled egg into each mug and let sit overnight. (4 hours would suffice if you don’t have time.) The results were interesting.

The “tints” ranged from gorgeous ebony to taupe with various shades of green. Think pastels here not bold. I loved the soft, natural look. My favorite for color? Passion herbal tea from Tazo. It’s the lovely purplish/gray one shown in the photo. NOTE: Teas using fruits, hibiscus and berries will produce stronger tints than green or other herbal teas. Experiment with what’s on your shelf. I’d love to know what your favorite turns out to be. Happy Spring!

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