Tea Treasures at Jasmine Pearl

There’s nothing like tea tasting to welcome Spring. (Okay – any season works.) Yesterday I ventured to NE PDX with Tea Bud, Ann, to explore the new retail/tasting room for Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants. What fun! The store is tastefully designed with a bow to Zen decor and offers a thoughtful selection of merchandise including teaware by local artisans.

In the expert hands of friendly staff and co-owner, Chuck Bauman, we tasted to our heart’s content. Ann tried several herbal blends and I got my fix of green varities falling in love with a heavenly Bancha Supreme. Teas are available in eco-canisters or by the ounce. I so appreciate being able to select a number of premium teas at affordable prices and know the source and story behind each of them. Can’t wait to share the treasures with fellow tea buds. Thanks, Jasmine Pearl … see you again soon! NOTE: Don’t forget to bring in your old boxes of tea and receive 20% off your purchase during April. AND here’s a great party idea. Book Jasmine Pearl for a private tea tasting. $60 for up to six people includes one hour and your choice of teas. $10 per person over six. Parties can be arranged M-F.

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