Lovely Lupicia

I love trying a new tea label … especially when it’s a happy discovery. Such was the case last week when my friend returned from Hawaii and gifted me with a tin of Lupicia Tea. The Ume Vert blend is a soft fragrant mix of green and white tea scented with apricot. The loose leaf tea is sealed in foil and then put in a decorative tin. Nice packaging idea. Lupicia is only sold in Japan (headquarters), California and Hawaii but you can order from their website which provides some wonderful blend options in both bagged and loose leaf. 

I contacted the corporate office to inquire about any concerns due to the recent events in Japan. They sent this prompt response a few hours ago: ”  … the majority of tea we use at LUPICIA is grown in the western and southern parts of Japan, hundreds of miles away from the affected areas. Therefore, at this point in time, we do not fear the contamination of Japanese tea.”  Good to know and worth keeing an eye on for all our oversea tea sources.

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