Lake O Part Two

 After strolling in the fresh air with a view of Mt. Hood, we discovered  Gourmet Productions. This place has been a neighborhood treasure for over 14 years and I know why. The deli case held over 20 items to choose from for dine in or to go. Delicious combinations of fresh ingredients made daily and everything from soup and salad to entrees and desserts. Sandwiches, too. Listen to this mouth-watering plate I put together: Sweet Potato Jo Jos w/lime crema; Mediterranean Quiona Salad made w/feta, pecans, tomato and cucumber; roasted asparagus spears w/marcona almonds; and a slice of marinated, grilled flank steak. All for less than $5! And, of course, they have tea. It was fun to see Steve Smith Teas on display. Unfortunately, they only serve the SS black tea so I wasn’t able to enjoy green Fez. Instead, I opted for a green by Lindsay Teas. (This is a line of decent but mostly not high-grade teas now distributed by Montanos Brothers Coffee Co.) 

Next door to the deli is the headquarters bake shop for Five Star rated UCB: Upper Crust Bread Company. UCB bakes over ten varieties of whole grain breads. Starting this week, three types of gluten-free breads will be added to their daily menu including a zucchini option. Stop in for a sample slice or take a loaf home. Cookies and cinnamon rolls made daily, too!

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