Egyptian Shai

Meya Meya Restaurant in Dehab

Tea Bud, Ann, just arrived home from Egypt with gorgeous photos, wonderful tales of adventure and boxes of Isis Tea!  Seems tea (shai) is the drink of choice there vs coffee (smart folks) and you see trays of black tea in glass mugs being delivered all over the busy city streets. Both loose and bagged options are available and served plated with milk and sugar on the side. Imagine having tea on the terrace with the Nile in the distance!  Ann chose several boxes of SEKEM’s Organic iSiS Tea to bring back home. We sampled the Mint yesterday and it was fragrant and fresh. (Maybe some of that pyramid magic came home in the box.) Next, we will be sipping Ginger Cinnamon, Hibiscus and of course, Chamomile. Note: Ann had some of the Chamomile while there and declared it to be mild and smooth. Thanks for sharing, Ann, and welcome home!

Isis Tea
High tea in Luxor


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