Dragonfly is a Tea Pleaser

Don’t let the name fool you – The Dragonfly Coffee House has plenty to please us tea drinkers! Ann and I lucked out and caught the last sunny afternoon this week for our visit to this popular NW cafe. Staff is always friendly and the place has a happy, buzzing energy to it. Hard to predict when it won’t be crowded but it’s worth the squeeze to enjoy the menu.

In addition to a wide selection of loose leaf teas by Jasmine Pearl (my fav is Jasmine Harmony), Dragonfly offers a nice variety of lattes made with Matcha Green Tea, Yerba Mate and Chai. Any can be blended with your choice of Soy, Almond, Hemp or Rice milk. AND don’t miss the bakery case. Savory tarts, cookies and wraps along with Gluten Free energy and fruit bars. The GF Peanut Butter & Chocolate Brown Rice Krispy Bar is HUGE and delicious – we split it and still had leftover to wrap and take.

Speaking of Jasmine Pearl – did you know they are opening a tea tasting room? The Grand Opening is coming up next month. Check here for more details.

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