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Next time you’re headed towards Canby, make a note to stop at a surprising place for tea. The Canby Pharmacy in downtown Canby.  Believe it or not, this longtime mainstay drugstore in the heart of rural Canby now hosts a charming tea counter.  The “Relaxation Station” offers your choice of loose leaf teas from over 7 vendors including Steve Smith (small world). There are scones and other goodies from local bakeries to go with your brew. Order to go or sit and stay awhile in the cozy alcove. If you’re in a shopping mood, you’ll find shelf after shelf of accoutrements and gift items. Staff is super friendly and accommodates your every request.

Take Hwy 99 out of Canby and head up the road a bit to Aurora for your next stop. The White Rabbit is the new bakery in town and what a find. A nice assortment of loose leaf teas brewed to your liking along with delicious pastries, quiche and cupcakes. Try the gluten-free fresh fruit bars with streusel topping or the gigantic chocolate walnut biscotti. The large open sitting area has plenty of natural lighting to enjoy your choice of reading material or fun game from the bookcase. Service with a smile and good prices, too. Note: Closed Mondays

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  1. Jane:

    I love the Canby Parson’s Pharmacy tea shop! That is where I first tasted Smith Teas. I live in Canby, so it makes an easy stop whenever I am in town. I will have to make a point to go to White Rabbit Bakery as it is just down the highway. Sorry I did not get to introduce myself at the Portland Tea first meeting at Smith Tea. I was the one who came in late – had a client meeting than ran long. Maybe we will meet at the October event. I have some ideas brewing with Charity on that one. Until next time…….Joanna

    1. Jane Green says:

      Thanks for writing, Joanna. I have fond memories of the Pharmacy as well and was delighted to see it is still thriving AND now offers tea. Looking forward to “meeting” you sometime soon. Jane

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