NEW Emilie Dessert Cafe in West Slope

Okay, here’s the good/bad news. The bad news? Emilie is situated in that vast wasteland of commercial car lots known as Canyon Road. The good news? You won’t notice. Once inside this roomy and attractive cafe, you’ll escape behind the smiles of friendly staff and the impressive display case of in-house pastries. Yeah! Finally a cozy place for tea and conversation in West Slope. Fellow SW PDX residents know what we mean. Opened one month ago this week, Emilie is family owned and operated and the response has been very positive. “People really like our menu and are coming back!” beamed Head Chef and Co-Owner, Wenny. Who, incidentally, came by our table several times to make sure we were happy with our pastry and tea. Speaking of tea, the cafe serves loose leaf premium teas from Ryan Bros. in San Diego. Ann and I both had a pot of the Green Envy – a light,  smooth blend of green tea, orange peel and apricot essence. Mellow flavor and no artificial aftertaste. The leaves held up well even on the 3rd water refill and a 4th brewing made a nice iced tea to go. The cafe is open everyday but Sunday. Visit the website for hours and menu choices. Gluten Free alert: No GF items on the menu yet but make your requests known and perhaps Wenny will get inspired. She’s definitely eager to please.  FINAL BREW: Nice selection of loose teas, wide variety of pastries, breakfast and lunch menu, good prices, noise level low and good for chats, parking lot in rear, super friendly service, clean, lots of natural light with view of valley on one side, bistro tables (2) outside if you don’t mind traffic.

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